All smiles from Provincial Grand Masters visiting Lincolnshire's Provincial Grand Lodge meeting

Monday, 16 May 2022

Just a week after more than 450 people attended Lincolnshire’s first ‘post pandemic’ Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, the huge reach of the Province’s social media feed has been perfectly underlined by this picture taken on the day

Captured by Freemason Ralf Galloway, it has been seen by almost 19,000 people – more than 13,200 on Facebook, where it was shared by Provincial Facebook specialist Simon Noden, and more than 5,600 on Twitter, posted by Provincial Communications Officer Stuart Pearcey. 

Said Stuart: 'In both cases it’s one of the Province’s most popular posts. We’re proud of our social media statistics, and the fact that our posts are seen worldwide. We have an enthusiastic following amongst Freemasons and non-Freemasons alike, and we’re particularly proud of the huge reach and levels of engagement we achieve on Facebook – at about 7,000 a week – and the comments fed back to us. 

'Through our posts we have helped Freemasons in America to take up the Teddies For Loving Care scheme, and our efforts to bring Craft and Chapter Freemasonry closer together have attracted interest in Australia.

'But more importantly, we’re changing for the better the way members of the general public perceive Freemasonry. By using social media to shine a light on the positive things Freemasons do in our communities we’re able to help dispel the undeserved myths which have grown up around us. This is perfectly illustrated by an unsolicited comment made only this week by a Facebook user who wrote: ‘I used to think this lot were all secrets and a bit snobby, but now I realise how much they do for charity, especially in the local area. Take a look at their page.’ Another posted: ‘I don’t know what Freemasons do, but they always seem to be smiling and happy.'

The thought of spreading happiness is echoed by Lincolnshire’s Provincial Grand Master Dave Wheeler, who said all four of the Provincial Grand Masters in the picture love it. 'I keep getting asked to show the picture to people, and it makes them all smile,' he said.

The picture shows, from left, Bill Dastur of Cambridgeshire; Steven Varley of Derbyshire; Tony Henderson of Bedfordshire and Philip Marshal of Nottinghamshire.

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