A charity phoenix arises from the ashes of Burntwood

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

In Hutton, on Tuesday 6th April, the new Charity Stewards Lodge arose like a Phoenix from the ashes, to be called Burntwood Lodge (The Charity Stewards’ Lodge) No. 8016

And, with 14 Essex Charity Stewards joining on day one, the transformation was complete.

The new joining members were treated to a wonderful Installation from the Burntwood team as Marc Gunnell installed his nephew, Antony Gunnell, into the chair of the newly named lodge.

And the ceremony happened under the watchful eye of the new WM’s father, Chris Gunnell, the Lodge Secretary. So, a Brother (brother and uncle) Installed Brother (nephew and son) with a Brother (brother and father) watching on!

Now 'the Charity Stewards Lodge' can progress and develop, enabling the new Provincial Charity Steward team to disseminate news, information and ideas to their counterparts in Lodges and Chapters right across the Province.

The Lodge will continue to meet at Hutton this year, but in 2023, will start to travel around Essex. At each meeting, there will be opportunities to hear of new initiatives, ideas and ways to raise funds. There will also be presentations from charities, as well as news of the MCF and Provincial initiatives.

The Lodge is looking for more joining members, and there is at least another half-dozen who have expressed a wish to join. Being part of the Lodge will allow brethren to be part of an exciting new initiative in the Province and put them at the forefront of Charity projects.

All Charity Stewards will be invited to attend all its meetings as self-payers. Summonses will be sent to them around three weeks prior, and planned agenda items will be publicised well in advance for any other interested brethren.

The next meeting of Burntwood Lodge (the Charity Stewards’ Lodge) will be on Tuesday 7th June at Hutton.

The Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Chris Hicks, will give an update on the 2022 Festival, the Provincial Ukraine Appeal and other initiatives for the year, and there will be a presentation from a local charity.  

So keep an eye out for future topics, and Summonses from the Charity Stewards Lodge!

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