35,000 Facemasks for Staffordshire and London Communities

Friday, 02 April 2021

35,000 facemasks have been most generously purchased by two Freemasons from the Polytechnic Lodge No. 2847 in London, George and Aldo Bregasi, who actually live in Walsall (Province of Staffordshire)

The brothers own a business in Walsall and wanted to support those in need due to the current pandemic in both Staffordshire and London. They purchased 35,000 facemasks and donated 17,500 to the Salvation Army in London and the other 17,500 were donated to the Staffordshire Freemasons for distribution.

Ralph Howarth representing Staffordshire Freemasons collected the facemasks from the brothers in Walsall and with the help of several other members commenced the distribution of the masks throughout Staffordshire to twenty-one food banks and four homeless shelters. Eleven of these organisations are in the borough of Walsall where the two brothers live and work.

The team who are delivering the masks in Staffordshire are Ralph Howarth, the 3rd Principal in Staffordshire Royal Arch, Mike Santopietro, Assistant Provincial Grand Master; David Thomas, Deputy Provincial Grand Master; John Skellern, Charity Steward for Staffordshire; John Derry, Assistant Provincial Grand Master; Robin Stubbs, Grand Superintendent for Staffordshire; Kevin Parkes, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master; Tony Coates, Almoner for Staffordshire and Matt Gibbons, Provincial Secretary for Staffordshire.

Selwyn Burton, Communications Officer for Staffordshire Freemasons said: 'Staffordshire Freemasons would like to thank our friends and brothers George and Aldo Bregasi for their generosity in making such a generous donation to the well being of people in Staffordshire and London and to all our members who have helped in the distribution of the facemasks’. 

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