Monday, 01 March 2010

Two members of the Pudsey family of lodges have been helping troops in Afghanistan to stay fresh and clean! David Hilton of Thoresby Lodge No. 4920 and Peter Throp of Perseverance Lodge No. 3197, have been distributing pallets of wet wipes to different regiments due to deploy to Afghanistan. 

Stuart Golding, of baby wipes manufacturer Nice-Pak International, of Flint, North Wales, heard of Peter’s activities, and contacted him because new EU rulings meant that certain unused stock could not be sold.  Although perfectly safe for adults, it would have gone to a land-fill site.  

Peter was offered what he thought was 67 packets of wipes, but turned out to be 120,000 packets! For storage, he was assisted by David Hilton, who works for an Army charity and is based at barracks where there are unused garages. 

Some pallets were stored by Phil Bridge of Mirfield Lodge No. 1102 in his transport depot at UK Express Couriers at Farsley. Word soon got around through Bro. Hilton's Army contacts and within a week they had all been spoken for. He is now looking for a friendly manufacturer of toothpaste and deodorants! 

The Household Cavalry was also supported, using donations from the West Riding Provincial Grand Charity, Godrich Lodge No. 1211, personal donations from Yorkshire masons and a donation from Portsea Lodge No. 7794 in Hampshire.

A team of volunteer packers from various Leeds and Pudsey Lodges filled 400 boxes donated by Jonathan Jackson of Philanthropic Lodge No. 304, with some of the remaining wipes, other toiletries, sweets, snacks and hot drink sachets. 

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