Two Long Service Certificates in Borough of Finsbury Chapter No. 3901.

Monday, 29 February 2016

On Saturday, 19th March 2016, E. Comps Derek Lester, PAGDC, and Edward (Ted) Williams, LGCRE, will receive their 50 year Certificates in Borough of Finsbury Chapter No. 3901 at Free Masons Hall to be followed by lunch at Parkers.

E. Comp Williams, E. Comp Lester's Business Partner initiated him into Freemasonry in May 1963 into St John's Lodge No. 167 where E. Comp Williams had joined previously in October 1955, and then in March 1966, E. Comp Williams Joined and E. Comp Lester was Exalted into Borough of Finsbury Chapter No. 3901 (E. Comp Williams having previously been a member of Forest Gate Chapter No. 4153 since April 1959).

E. Comp Williams achieved SLGCR in 1974 and moved to Scotland in 1979 but still remained a member of both St John's Lodge and Borough of Finsbury Chapter, returning South in 2014.

E. Comp Lester achieved LGR in 1978, LGCR in 1982, GL Active Office SGD in 1984, and RA Grand Rank PAGDC in 1986. He has also been a very active VGO in both Craft and Chapter and has been instrumental in setting up and assisting various Lodges and Chapters.

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