The Password leading from the Second to the Third Degree?

Saturday, 01 October 2016

On the second last Friday in September, Longmynd Lodge No. 4877 in Church Stretton hosted an unusual Third Degree ceremony as it assisted Iron Bridge Lodge No. 9897 from Telford in Raising Bro Thomas Perring to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

The team, led by WM David Heywood, performed to a high standard and a good time was had by all – but the ceremony nearly didn't happen as Tom had suffered a painful accident and injured his shoulder earlier in the month, while W Bro Heywood (also acting Organist) had hurt his hand.

All was well in the end, however, as Tom was determined to enjoy his special night, and David (a music teacher with the Shropshire Music Service) brought his tuba to accompany the singing from the south-west corner instead.

And, please... no jokes about the password leading from the Second to the Third Degree...

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