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The family members of Egyptian Lodge No. 27

Thursday, 05 September 2013

Keeping it in the Egyptian family 

An unusual family event took place at Egyptian Lodge, No. 27, which is a 202-year-old Atholl Lodge. Alexander Dean is the grandson and great-nephew of the lodge’s two most senior members. Aged 20 and studying at the University of Southampton, Alexander was initiated by Dispensation. 

His great-uncle, Francis Helps, aged 93, celebrating the 72nd anniversary of his own initiation into the lodge, delivered the Charge after Initiation.

Francis had been unable to do so for his younger brother Ken, 89, at his initiation into the lodge in 1947, as in those days the Charge could only be delivered by a Past Master. Francis was first installed as Master in 1959 and again at its 200th anniversary in 2011. Their father, William Helps, was initiated into the lodge in 1919, becoming Master in the 1930s.