The 2018 Prestonian Lecturer’s first official delivery in Derbyshire

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The first official delivery of the 2018 Prestonian Lecture, 'A good workman praises his tools: Masonic metaphors in Ancient Greece', was delivered by Christopher Noon to the Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters No. 8509 on Wednesday, 28th March

The Master of the lodge Steven Varley, Provincial Grand Master for Derbyshire, was joined by an audience of around 100, which included two past Prestonian Lecturers, John Wade (2009) and Tony Harvey (2012), both members of the lodge. 

With a combination of well-researched evidence, interesting slides and good humour, Christopher Noon demonstrated that, while Freemasonry did not originate in Ancient Greece, there is a clear similarity between the use of working tools as metaphors in Greek texts and in Masonic ritual. Indeed, the Greeks may well have inspired and influenced the authors of the ritual. 

The evening was rounded off with a typically warm and friendly Derbyshire festive board.

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