Members of Rochdale, Todmorden and Bacup Lodges in the Province of East Lancashire came together with friends and family to walk a 23 mile circular route around Rochdale District – raising money for local charities and awareness of Freemasonry in the community

From 7 to 70 age was no barrier! The Mayor of Rochdale was there in support to wave off the walkers on 18th May 2019 and local Councillor John Taylor, who organised the event, announced that he expects over £1,000 in donations for the East Lancashire Masonic Charity (ELMC).

The ELMC is set up to provide help and assistance to other charitable and good causes for the general benefit of the public or communities situated predominately but not exclusively in the East Lancashire area.

A secondary, but equally important, objective of the event was to raise local awareness of Freemasonry in general and to highlight some of the charitable work undertaken by the fraternity.

The aim was to explain in lay terms what Freemasonry is all about and spark an interest in learning more about the world's oldest, largest and most unique fraternity.

It was therefore particularly satisfying when members were stopped by the general public and questioned about Freemasonry, whilst others also donated money to the cause without being asked.

Rochdale District commented that they believe members should be encouraged to acknowledge their ‘membership with pride.’

The Young People's Committee of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity (ELMC) have raised over £8,500 for a number of children's charities through a sponsored abseil challenge at Peel Tower in Bury

In total, 77 people completed the abseil challenge on 7th July 2018 including the Provincial Grand Master of East Lancashire and President of the ELMC Sir David Trippier. 

It quickly grew into an event to showcase the support that the ELMC and the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) has given locally and nationally to children's charities. The MCF has recently donated to East Lancashire-based young persons' charities including Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme and Salford Foundation, which provides targeted intervention for young people.

Many of the participants chose to donate their sponsorship monies to the ELMC, which will be used to support its causes, including the Young People's Committee. 

It is envisaged that the amount raised will be in excess of £10,000 through outstanding sponorshop money and gift aid.

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