Wednesday, 14 December 2011 09:03

Fairground fun in Nottingham

Thanks to the generosity of Freemasons in the Nottingham area, more than 200 children with disabilities were able to enjoy all the fun of the fair.

Members came from three lodges – Edwalton Lodge, No. 8214, and St Giles Lodge, No. 4316, both from Nottingham, and the Showman’s Lodge, No. 9826, from Loughborough. They worked with The Showmen’s Guild to make this fun day a reality.

Gordon Cowieson of Edwalton Lodge said, ‘The Showmen’s Guild has been really generous once again in opening up the fairground at Bramcote Hills Park a day early in support of children with special needs. In addition to experiencing the rides, the children also get to enjoy the usual hot dogs, beefburgers, candyfloss and ice cream.’

Peter Barratt, also of Edwalton Lodge, added, ‘The lodges involved raise funds throughout the year to cover the cost of running the event and then give generously of their time on the day to make sure it is a safe and enjoyable occasion for all.’

A key supporter of the event was the Nottingham masonic charity Teddies for Loving Care (TLC), which gave a donation towards running costs. TLC also had a stall at the fairground and ensured that every child who attended left with their own teddy bear. Also enjoying the day were the Provincial Grand Master for Nottinghamshire, Robin Wilson, and his wife Margaret, plus the Mayor of Broxtowe.

A special event organised by Hemlock Stone Lodge saw a demonstration by the Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team of the making of a Master Mason.

In the presence of the Provincial Grand Master of Nottinghamshire, Robin Wilson, and the Grand Master of Oklahoma, the ritual was a portrayal of the US ceremony based on the Scottish Rites. Conducted in two parts, the first in working dress, and the second in Native American dress, prayers were offered in the form of a chant in Choctaw, a language common to the tribes of Oklahoma.
Sunday, 01 May 2011 16:22

Saving the day after ward theft

Teddy Loving Care (TLC) charity came to the rescue when a Wii machine was stolen from a ward at Queen’s Medical Centre, having been unscrewed from the games room and removed. TLC, run by members of Radcliffe Lodge No. 5313, and financed across the Province, usually provides teddy bears for children in hospital, but it was decided to contact ward manager Jane Brooks. A large fish tank was also donated to the A&E department as well as the usual distribution of teddy bears.
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