Herefordshire Freemasons have continued their support for Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford, with a grant of £1,000 from the Herefordshire Masonic Charity Association (HMCA)

Rachael Manacchini-Godfrey, Community Fundraising and Events Officer of the Hereford Centre, showed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Michael Holland, and Provincial Charity Steward, Nick Swan, around the premises in St Owen Street when they visited to present the donation.

The Hereford Centre was the second of five opened in various parts of the country, the others being in London, Leeds, Hampshire and Solihull. It provides a wide range of support services for women, and occasionally men, who are living with a diagnosis of breast cancer. The £1,000 donation will go towards helping local people at the Breast Cancer Haven centre in Hereford.

Anyone can call on the support of Breast Cancer Haven following a diagnosis – they don’t need a referral. Help is also given to husbands and partners, and other family members, of those living with the condition. On first making contact a visitor (as users of the service are termed) will be taken through all the wide range of options available, and a treatment programme mapped out for them.

The available treatments include a choice of one-to-one therapies, including counselling, aromatherapy, ear acupuncture, head massage, nutrition, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, reflexology, reiki and shiatsu, all designed to improve the well-being and ease the stress and anxiety of those living with the condition. There are also group classes, including tai chi, yoga and general fitness.

Each visitor is given up to seven free group or individual sessions, and the grant from the HMCA will pay the costs of one visitor going through the whole sequence of therapies available to them. They can take further sessions, for which a small fee is charged.

The Hereford premises provide a light and relaxing environment, which visitors are encouraged to use whenever they want some peace and support, not just when they have a class or therapy session. The small garden, maintained with the help of some of the visitors, provides a peaceful refuge.

Rachael Manacchini-Godfrey thanked the Freemasons of Herefordshire for their continued support, which would help ensure that the Haven’s very valuable services continue to help women and their families who are going through a difficult and stressful time in their lives.

A vital advice and information service which helps women with breast cancer to cope with financial problems arising from their condition will continue, thanks to a £47,000 grant from London Freemasons

The grant of £47,000 comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, and will allow Breast Cancer Haven's Welfare, Benefits and Money Advice Service to carry on for another year, helping cancer patients across London and beyond. This service has been extremely popular and has made a huge difference to the lives of many vulnerable patients and their families.

People like Breast Cancer Haven visitor Ramila Parma, from Wembley, received invaluable support from the Charity following her breast cancer diagnosis. Since the Money Advice Service first began in May 2012, it has helped 853 cancer patients and secured close to £450,000 for them.

There are an estimated 55,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, including 350 men. Four out of five of them will be affected financially, these financial pressures come at the worst possible time, as patients are coping with a life-threatening illness as well as trying to keep life as normal as possible for children and other family members.

Investigating entitlement to benefits, filling in forms and appealing against decisions is an exhausting process, which is often combined with pressure from banks and mortgage lenders.

The grant from London Freemasons comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is funded by Freemasons, their families and friends, from across England and Wales.

Hannah Daws, Fundraising & Communications Director at Breast Cancer Haven, said: ‘We’re very grateful to London Masons for their generous grant, which will make a huge difference to the lives of many vulnerable patients and their families.

‘Having cancer is hard enough, but when you are living on very little money and not knowing where to turn, it can be desperately tough. Our new Welfare Benefits and Money Adviser is providing vital individual money advice and information, available free to cancer patients across the UK.’

Adrian Fox, from London Freemasons, said: ‘I’m very pleased we were able to help Breast Cancer Haven. Thanks to them, people can concentrate on dealing with the problems of cancer rather than the problems of poverty.’

Cllr Brian Wilcox has chosen The Breast Cancer Haven and Robocap, a state-of-the-art robotic technology treatment for prostate cancer, to champion over the forthcoming twelve months while in office as Mayor of the City of Hereford. These are local charities close to his heart.

Herefordshire Freemasons have officially declared their support for the Mayor’s two chosen charities. Local Freemasons were the first to financially support Robocap, and since last year they have been awarded the title Guardian of The Haven.

This declaration of support by Herefordshire Freemasons, signifies their continued sponsorship of these two local charities.


Friday, 23 December 2011 16:38

Breast Cancer Haven's newest Guardian

Manager Frankie Devereux has welcomed Freemasonry in Herefordshire as the latest Guardian of The Haven in St Owen Street, Hereford. 

Entirely dependent on charitable giving, The Haven which provides, completely free of charge, support to those affected by breast cancer, invites individuals and corporate bodies to become Guardians by donating £1,000 a year.

VW Bro The Reverend David Bowen, is most anxious to maintain the long standing support of The Haven by Herefordshire Freemasons, and initiated this desire among Freemasons to become a Guardian. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Masonic Province of Herefordshire is a true supporter of local charities and welcomes this opportunity to support The Haven on an annual basis.

Frankie Devereux welcomes visitors to The Haven Centre. Those visiting should note the following words written by a patient, which can be seen on the Centre’s colourful Tree of Life “Fear will take you a prisoner. Hope will set you free.”

The Haven, with the backing of its Guardians and the host of local supporters, will continue to give that fundamental hope to those who cross its threshold.

Friday, 16 September 2011 17:50


Pam Healy, the recently appointed national chief executive of Breast Cancer Haven, was welcomed to The Hereford Haven by manager Frankie Devereux. Guests included Reverend David Bowen, Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Herefordshire.

Bowen took a special interest in the Haven’s ‘Guardian’ Programme – an invitation to individuals and corporate bodies to become Haven Guardians by donating £1,000 a year.

Healy stated that the success of this challenging programme could result in The Hereford Haven becoming fully self-supporting. The Haven is entirely dependent on charitable donations.

Further information on Breast Cancer Haven can be found on their website
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