St Alkmund Lodge No. 2311 celebrates its 125th anniversary in style

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

St Alkmund Lodge No. 2311 recently celebrated its 125th anniversary in style at its present home in the North Shropshire Masonic Rooms

Whitchurch has a long masonic history, dating back to the days when, as a ‘parole town’ during the Napoleonic Wars it was home to Shropshire’s first lodge. St Alkmund, however, was formed at the instigation of Vincent Crump and several other members of Salopian Lodge of Charity in 1889, by which time the town had been without a lodge for over eighty years.

In the presence of the personal representative of the Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Michael John Broome, the work of the evening was presented by the brethren of St Alkmund’s Lodge of Instruction, who rehearsed a Ceremony of Initiation.

The Worshipful Master Philip Wainwright acted as candidate for the evening. The delivery of the ritual was first class, and all concerned were congratulated on the work they had done to ensure a memorable and enjoyable evening. There was also an exchange of gifts: W Bro Jeremy Lund from St Alkmund’s Mother Lodge, Salopian Lodge of Charity was presented with a pair of alms bags in recognition of 117’s recent bicentenary, and he responded by presenting St Alkmund Lodge with a poignard.

At the convivial Festive Board which followed, an excellent cake was produced. This had been provided by the Worshipful Master and his wife, Sue. The large number of masons present were pleased to assist the brethren of St Alkmund in sharing it, and the evening was deemed a total success.

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