Snowdon wheelbarrow push for the National Autistic Society

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Charity wheelbarrow push to the top of Mount Snowdon in aid of the National Autistic Society

On the 18th August 2012 two brethren of Silurian Lodge No. 471 in the Province of Monmouthshire completed a charity challenge of pushing a wheelbarrow with a bag of cement as its cargo from the Llanberis car park in Snowdonia to the top of Mount Snowdon via the Llanberis path – a total of 5 miles uphill.

The challenge came about after Craig Summerhill, a corporal in the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers Militia, had contacted his friend Dean Crighton, a staff sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps, to see if he had some up-to-date maps of the Llanberis area for a sponsored walk to the top of Snowdon, all in aid of the National Autistic Society.

In Craig's absence Dean set up the Facebook group Craig Summerhill's charity wheelbarrow up Snowdon!. It was agreed that this challenge would go ahead after much friendly banter from the 300 or so fans who had joined the group, so a date was set and the build-up and fundraising began.

Dean raised £1,100 through a JustGiving page, and friends helped to raise a further £241. The usual sponsorship forms were pushed around the Province, and among friends, workmates, colleagues and families, and in no time at all the day had arrived.

They also had support from Sgt Dan Waites, Dan's partner Sabrina, Dean's son Daniel, as well as other friends and fundraisers.

Craig started pushing for the first leg, and they rotated with regular stops for fluid intake and to check the feet of those who weren’t quite so used to this type of terrain. Lunch was taken at the halfway station where they were greeted by well wishers, some of whom threw donations into the barrow.

With lunch over they pushed on. In some areas the terrain was too rough to push the wheelbarrow, so the cement was loaded into a military rucksack and carried. The weather was appalling but they climbed on towards the summit. The time to the top was 2 hours and 50 minutes, a brilliant effort made by all for this worthy cause, and a total of £2,387 was finally raised!

November of 2012 Dean and Craig were delighted to be nominated for an award from Newport City Council for going the extra mile.

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