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Singapore lodge celebrates 150th anniversary

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A number of events have been held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the consecration of Lodge of St George, No. 1152, in Singapore

A special meeting was held in Perth, where many of the lodge’s members now live, while some masons enjoyed an intercontinental visit to the 250th anniversary meeting of its mother lodge, Cadogan, No. 162, in London. 

The lodge also formally celebrated its anniversary in Singapore. Among the guests were Dato’ Jeyaraj Ratnaswamy (DGM, Eastern Archipelago), Yushea Hatim Degani (Deputy DGM, Eastern Archipelago) and representatives from the District Grand Lodge of Hong Kong & the Far East, the Grand Lodges of Ireland, Scotland and Western Australia, and the Grande Loge Nationale Française.