Seven Grand Superintendents present for Sparta Chapter Consecration in Suffolk

Monday, 19 August 2019

During 2018, Suffolk-based Laconic Lodge No. 9771 decided to sponsor a Holy Royal Arch Chapter. A total of 28 Founders signed the Petition and, after due deliberation by Supreme Grand Chapter, the new Chapter – with the name Sparta Chapter – was granted a warrant which was dated April 5th 2019

The basic precept of Laconic Lodge is, as the name suggests, brevity and so Sparta Chapter has continued in this vein with the motto ‘Per breviloquium’ meaning ‘Through brevity of speech’. 

On 2nd August, 140 Royal Arch Freemasons gathered at Ashlar House, Bury St. Edmunds to witness the Consecration of Sparta Chapter, the likes of which will probably never be seen again. There was a total of seven Grand Superintendents and eight Deputy Grand Superintendents along with numerous heads of orders attending.

The Consecrating Team of Anthony Henderson (PGM/MEGS of Beds) as First Principal, James Sharpley (MEGS of Herts) as Second Principal, John Keeble (MEGS of Bucks) as Third Principal and Steve Allen (PGM/MEGS of Norfolk) as Scribe N Installed David Boswell (MEGS of Suffolk) as Founding Z, Ian Yeldham (PGM of Suffolk) as Founding H and Bill Dastur (PGM/MEGS of Cambs) as J. The ceremony was performed with a perfect mix of sincerity and humour which will long be rememebered by all those who attended.

The whole day proved to be a prime example of the unity in the Province of Suffolk between the Craft and Royal Arch as well as the friendliness shown by the Leaders of several Provinces and their willingness to help fellow Leaders in Suffolk in the Consecration of Sparta Chapter.

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