Rising from the ashes - Phoenix Lodge is reborn

Monday, 17 December 2018

On a cold Saturday in October 2017, a group of founding members of a proposed new lodge met at Dagger Lane Masonic Hall in Hull, to commence the formation of an old-style Lodge, to be called Phoenix Lodge

It was formulated on the style of an old lodge located in Hull in the early 19th century. The original Phoenix Lodge No. 368 (later renumbered No. 256 and erased in 1836) used to conduct their regular meetings in an upstairs room of various private premises and the Ship Inn restaurant in Hull, with lodge workings and business conducted around a table.

The new Phoenix Lodge will have a mix of old Masonic traditions, including its own unique ritual which incorporates elements of the ‘Ancient’ workings and with these elements, of meeting in a public house and style of ritual, it will make Phoenix Lodge a very special and singular lodge for the Hull area and indeed, the Province of Yorkshire, North & East Ridings.

After much hard work by founding members, on 20th October 2018, the ‘new’ Phoenix Lodge No. 9963 was duly consecrated at Beverley Road Masonic Hall in Hull.

The new lodge will meet five times a year with meetings commencing at 7pm. To keep costs down, there will be no festive board (Installations excepted), although this will not prevent those who wish enjoying a convivial meal, at a local eatery pre or post meeting should they wish.

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