Provincial Grand Chapter of Shropshire celebrates centenary

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

At a special meeting of Salopian Chapter No. 262 in November, the oldest chapter in the Province of Shropshire, the Provincial Grand Chapter celebrated its centenary in the presence of ME Comp George Francis, Second Grand Principal

This was no sinecure for the Provincial Officers, however: at the invitation of the Principals of 262 Chapter, the Provincial team took the various Offices and conducted a ceremony of Double Exaltation. Grand Superintendent Peter Taylor acted as Z, Roger Brentnall Pemberton acted as H and Roger Wedlake as J. The work of the Principal Sojourner was shared between two Officers, and the Mystical Lecture was given in its full catechetical form by John Williamson, with the assistance of the companions of 262 Chapter.

Indeed, the only member of the Provincial team who could rightly be said to have put his feet up was David Kettle, who had recently suffered an injury which necessitated him appearing on crutches. He was still involved in the Mystical Lecture, however!

The Second Grand Principal was received warmly by the companions of Shropshire, and was generous in his comments about the evening. He received a significant donation towards the Supreme Grand Chapter's Appeal, and himself conducted the companions at the festive board as they sang happy birthday to John Holyoake on the eve of his 90th birthday.

Peter Taylor received his Grand Superintendent's cufflinks from Comp Francis, who in his turn received a large cheese as his memento of a pleasant sojourn in Shropshire.

All concerned wished the Province good luck for its next 100 years, and the two exaltees, Comp Simon Parker and Comp Jim Banks, certainly went home with memories to last for a long time to come.

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