Palladian Lodge 250th anniversary celebration

Thursday, 08 August 2013

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Palladian Lodge No. 120, its members organised a series of events to raise money for a variety of local good causes arranged by Denis Cox, Secretary of the Anniversary Committee

For one such local cause, this oldest of Herefordshire lodges donated £1,000 towards the general maintenance of Hereford Cathedral, so maintaining the strong support for the Cathedral by the Freemasons of the county down through the ages.

The presentation was made to the Dean of Hereford, The Very Rev Michael Tavinor, in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral, following the Service of Choral Evensong which had been attended by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire.

The Dean welcomed this continued support, and congratulated the brethren representing Palladian Lodge on their achievements over the past 250 years, and wished them well for the future.

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