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New horse for Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders in Surrey

Thursday, 04 September 2014

Thomas brings joy to disabled riders

A group of Freemasons and their friends raised thousands of pounds for charity to buy a nine-year-old horse called Thomas. Standing 15 hands high, Thomas is now a favourite among staff and clients at the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders in Carshalton, Surrey. He was purchased using the funds raised by the Mandalay Lodge, No. 9383, Chapter and Club in Bromley, West Kent.

The group raised £6,000, of which £3,000 was spent on buying Thomas. Jeff Baylie of Mandalay, together with Ron Warren, led the project. ‘The surplus will go to the upkeep of the horse,’ said Jeff. ‘We think £3,000 is an incredibly small amount to pay for all the joy he’ll bring.’

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