Long Service Certificate presented in Fidentia Et Lutine Lodge No. 6272.

Monday, 29 February 2016

On 27th January 2016, Fidentia Et Lutine Lodge No. 6272 was pleased to receive VW Bro. Robert Grant, Metropolitan Grand Inspector, who presented a 50 year Long Service Certificate to W. Bro Michael Roberts, PAGDC.

Bro. Roberts was Initiated into Fidentia Lodge by his father-in-law on 2nd November 1965 at The Piccadilly Hotel and has been Worshipful Master of the Lodge three times including presiding at the Amalgamation meeting in 2009 when the Lodge became Fidentia et Lutine.

Bro. Roberts is also involved in Chapter, Mark and Rose Croix and is the current Worshipful Master of Neasden Lodge No. 3695.

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