Local Freemason lends voice to Leicester City Football charity song

Friday, 06 May 2016

Foxes never quit

Bro Monty Katchick, Junior Warden of the Wayfarer Lodge No. 8679 which meets in Coalville, Leicestershire, is one of the singers appearing on a charity song Foxes Never Quit (Glory Glory Leicester City) in aid of Prostate Cancer UK

Bro Monty was selected to add his vocals to the song after Leighton Morrell, music producer, made an appeal for local talent to appear on the charity single. Leighton was originally approached by his close friend Peter Bullard, who is suffering from prostate cancer, with the idea of making a record to celebrate the fairytale season of Leicester City Football Club who recently won the English Premier League.

The collaboration, called the Foxee Singers of Leicester, consists of over 25 local singers and musicians from Leicestershire who have subsequently recorded the charity song based on the Battle Hymn of the Republic in a reggae style. It was released for download on iTunes and Amazon on the 15th April 2016 and and is currently at No. 6 on the UK reggae charts as well as No. 90 on the Worldwide Amazon Singles Chart.

Bro Monty said: 'I was approached to appear on the song as I was a singer in Leicester during the 1970s and they were looking for singers from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and today. When Leighton told me it was all for prostate cancer I was very interested, so we all got together in the recording studio and recorded Foxes Never Quit. Approximately 33p from each download will go to Prostate Cancer UK.

Leighton said: 'We want to let as many people know about the song as possible to try and make Leicester City top of the music charts as well as top of the Premier League. We also want to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause.'

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