John Hutton invested as 91st Assistant Provincial Grand Master of West Lancashire

Saturday, 30 November 2013

John Hutton was invested as the 91st Assistant Provincial Grand Master of West Lancashire at a meeting of his mother lodge Pendlebury Lodge No. 8177

After the lodge was opened in the third degree by the WM Trevor Dickenson, the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Neil MacSymons announced the arrival of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Howard Jones, who was accompanied by Assistant Provincial Grand Master Philip Gunning and the senior and junior Provincial Grand Wardens Mark Matthews and Joe Hall, along with the Rev Graham Halsall (ProvGChap), Peter Taylor (ProvGSec), David Walmsley (Eccles Group Chairman), Patrick Walsh (Eccles Group Secretary) and Jonathon Platt (ProvGStwd).

Trevor said he would be delighted to receive Howard. After welcoming Howard into the lodge, Trevor offered him to gavel which Howard accepted saying: 'On this occasion I am pleased to accept the gavel as I have been asked by the Provincial Grand Master to invest John Hutton as one of his assistants.'

Howard then asked Phillip Gunning to assist him to open Provincial Grand Lodge by acting as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Mark Mathews to continue to act as Provincial Senior Grand Warden and Joseph Hall as Provincial Junior Grand Warden, Neil MacSymons to act as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and Patrick Walsh as Provincial Grand Pursuivant.

Howard then opened Provincial Grand Lodge and salutations were given to Howard. John Hutton retired from the lodge and Howard announced that the next business was to invest John Hutton as Assistant Provincial Grand Master and that it was an honour and a privilege to carry out this duty on behalf on the Provincial Grand Master Peter Hosker, who was unable to attend as he was attending the Provincial Care Team’s dinner in Leyland.

A deputation was then formed to bring John back into the lodge to which Howard welcomed him in. Howard read out Johns’ masonic history from when he was initiated into Pendlebury Lodge in 1971 and was installed as worshipful master in 1978. Howard said that his service to Freemasonry both in the Craft as well a Royal Arch was exemplary and that his CV was highly commendable.

John was asked if he was willing to undertake the responsibilities and duties of the office of Assistant Provincial Grand Master, to which John replied, I am. Peter Taylor then read out the certificate of office signed by the Provincial Grand Master.

John then knelt and took the solemn obligation of an AsstProvGM. Howard invested John with the chain of his office and thanked him on behalf of Peter Hosker for accepting this important office. 

Howard closed Provincial Grand Lodge and invited the worshipful master back into the chair of King Solomon and thanked him for allowing the investiture to be performed before the installation meeting.

John was born in Eccles in 1945 and soon moved Little Hulton to be brought up in a working shop/bakery environment. Similarities between Ronny Barker's Open All Hours and the Hutton’s family business were not too far apart. Bread, cakes and pies were under manufacture before school and Saturdays morning’s football could commence.

After leaving school at 15 years a position in the family firm was swiftly turned down in favour of an apprentice in engineering. Starting work at 5.00am and finishing at 11.00pm didn’t seem quite right!

Day and night school brought a change in career to a technician apprentice finishing as a Scientific Engineer working with Electron Microscopes and other large vacuum instruments.

After a few years of traveling around the country, overseas and marriage to Anthea a new position was sought at Manchester University, Department of Botany and Zoology. New skills, knowledge, promotions, and take overs saw John responsible for teaching, research and developments in one of the UK’s largest Electron Microscopy Units and a title of Senior Experimental Officer.

Although early retirement from University Departmental life happened in 1996, an active interest in research, development of unique equipment and histology glass knives continues at slower pace with his own scientific glass and engineering company.

John meet his wife Anthea dancing in Bolton and they married in 1968 and after a series of moves finally settled in Bolton. Anthea gave up her career as a University administrator after the birth of their daughter Clare. Today Clare is happily married and has provided two grandchildren Ben and Harry.

John’s hobbies include tennis, travel and seeing his grandchildren. Travel for both work and pleasure has taken Anthea and John to such places such as America, Canada, China, Greece, Europe and Egypt.

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