Jasper Tudor Lodge raise £8,000 during 'Stars in their Eyes' evening

Monday, 10 November 2014

Stars in the their Eyes night raises funds for Parkinson's UK

Brother Gary Gassor, his friends, family and many of the members Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4074 as well as members of the Maindee Martial Arts group put on a cabaret evening styled on the ‘Stars in their Eyes’ programme from times past.

Much hilarity was had by the almost 150 people who attended at Newport Masonic Hall. The event was organised to benefit Parkinson’s UK and the Province of Monmouthshire’s home charities festival. Several of the fund raising methods were innovative to say the least, ranging from text giving directly, to a football scratch card that raised £200.

Congratulations must be given to Brother Gary, his team and the brethren of the Jasper Tudor Lodge who participated, for their outstanding effort and training for the event to ensure the night was entertaining as well as rewarding. Also, without the hard work over several weeks by Gary’s daughters Emma and Leanne procuring sponsorship and support it would not have been anywhere near as successful as it was.

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