The Greenall family’s service to Freemasonry

Friday, 15 November 2013

A project on the Greenall family started by Charles Shand before he died has finally been completed and presented in St Oswald Lodge

When Charles died a fellow member of St Oswald Lodge No. 5170, Derek Hunt, was asked with others to go through the many documents that Charles had collected.

Among them Derek found an unfinished work about members of the Greenall family who had been such a large influence on Freemasonry, not only in Warrington but in the Province of West Lancashire and Grand Lodge.

Two members of the family became Senior Grand Wardens of the United Grand Lodge of England and one became a Provincial Grand Master in Ireland.

Derek eventually found time to complete ‘The Greenall Family and its Service to Freemasonry’ and bring it totally up to date.

The history was presented by Derek at a meeting of St Oswald Lodge No. 5170 in which the last member of the Greenall family to be a Freemason, Lord Daresbury, was a member. He was a member of St Oswald Lodge for more than 50 years and after moving to live in Ireland became the Provincial Grand Master for the Province of North Munster.

After giving the history in lodge Derek presented a bound copy of it to Victor Charlesworth to place in Warrington Masonic Hall’s Library and Museum.

Vic said that St Oswald Lodge had been a fantastic supporter of the library and museum project since its inception and this presentation continued that support. He said the document would be a valuable asset along with other documents for anyone wanting to understand the history of Freemasonry in the town.

During his lifetime Charles produced many lectures and was acknowledged throughout the Province of West Lancashire and even further afield for his vast knowledge of Freemasonry. He was honoured with the high rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.

To read the full version of ‘The Greenall Family and its service to Freemasonry’ click here.

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