Fashion show at Beals department store in aid of 2017 RMBI Festival

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Spa Lodge No. 7609 entered the world of fashion on Saturday 19th October when it organised a fashion show in conjunction with Beales department stores

Two one-hour shows were performed with a local Stray FM radio DJ giving the commentary on each of the 35 outfits modelled. Six models were drawn from the brethren’s wives, partners and friends, with one brother being persuaded to ‘strut his stuff’.

The change of clothes was a logistical problem with hair being reset between each, except for the brother who was sporting a zero style!

The shows were held at the Harrogate Masonic Hall in the main temple which added to the occasion in providing a backdrop which few of the audience had seen before.

Beales offered light refreshments, a discount voucher and personal shopping appointments in store after the event.

The lodge is pleased to report a profit of £700 which will be donated to the 2017 Festival in support of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

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