Essex lodge explain the origins of the Tracing Board Club

Monday, 11 June 2018

With Castle Point Lodge No. 9122 in the Province of Essex following a tradition of allowing new members to participate in ritual presentation at the earliest stage, Alan Anthony, as the lodge’s then Director of Ceremonies, posed the question of taking it a further level

Having this in mind, he then encouraged the lodge’s latest Fellowcraft member at the time, Joe Doherty, to learn and present the Second Degree Tracing Board, while still a Fellowcraft Freemason himself. Joe readily accepted this challenge and became the first member of the lodge to achieve this accolade.

Not knowing if this would continue into the future, the next Fellowcraft, Matt Harrington, was also encouraged to do the same. This was again successful and was subsequently followed by Darren Ridgwell, Adam Horn and Gregg Workman. It was at this stage, following this success, that Alan thought they may have the beginnings of what might be considered to be a 'Tracing Board Club'.

Alan set about designing and commissioning a lapel pin that would be awarded to each member who met the criteria. At their meeting on 13th March 2018, when two more members were passed, the Worshipful Master Rob Alabaster, presented these five members with the unique lapel pin consisting of the two great pillars, represented in open lodge by the Warden’s columns, and the Fellowcraft’s rosettes, depicting that it was a Fellowcraft freemason who presented the Tracing Board.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Essex Nick Franklin was present and congratulated the members on their considerable achievement, saying that he hoped the new 'Tracing Board Club' would continue long into the future.

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