Essex Cornerstone Club venture abroad to attend 160th meeting of French lodge

Friday, 03 August 2018

Members of Essex Cornerstone Club, including President Reiss Duthie, visited Le Touquet Loge No. 89 in the French Province of Flanders, where they attended its 160th meeting

The meeting was held at the Luxurious Westminster Hotel over the weekend of 21st and 22nd July 2018 and attended by 35 members including the Provincial Grand Master of Flanders Gilbert Geeraert, Deputy Provincial Grand Master Maurice Borgmann and Assistant Provincial Grand Master Jacques Mullem, together with other Provincial Grand Officers and a number of Essex and London Freemasons who are members of the lodge.

The acting Master Steve Richards introduced a talk delivered by Essex Freemason Ken Cownden, who is also a member of Le Touquet Loge, which had been borrowed from fellow Essex mason Jim McCreadie, entitled ‘They Exchanged the Sceptre for the Trowel’. The talk counted the number of English Royal Freemasons throughout history and was well-received, as well as being translated into French for assistance for the numerous French guests.

Following the meeting, the French executive joined around 50 people who dined including non-masons, wives and guests.

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