Founder of Somerset Masonic Widows Association named in New Year Honours list

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mrs Eileen Jackson, the Founder and Chair of the Somerset Masonic Widows Association, has been named in the New Year's Honours list by HM The Queen by the award of an MBE for her services to charity in north Somerset.

Commenting on this honour, Stuart Hadler, Provincial Grand Master of Somerset said: 'Eileen is a fine example of selfless dedication to the needs of others whether in her local community or more especially the Masonic Widows Association in Somerset. Her drive and commitment has been the predominent factor of the success of the Association over the last fifteen years. She has made a positive difference in the lives of countless widows and their families and to many other needy people through her campaigning and fund-raising for a range of charities and support projects. We congratulate her on this honour from HM The Queen, which is well deserved'.

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