Dorset Freemasons help Swanage School feed the vulnerable

Monday, 18 May 2020

The Dorset Freemasons Charity (DMC) have provided £1,000 of funding to help start up a project by Swanage School. The school are providing healthy and nutritious meals to those most in need in their local area
Not only has the DMC provided this much needed funding to 'seed' the project, but the Dorset Masonic Bikers Chapter plus De Moulham Lodge No. 1146 have played their part too. Members of the Lodge and Chapter have committed to delivering these meals by motorcycle three days each week. Teams of the Bikers and Lodge members undertook their first session on VE Day in sweltering conditions.
Commenting on their first session, Trevor Barrett, leading for the Bikers said: 'We did our last delivery in a street where a street party for VE day was going on. When we completed the delivery we set off, only for the whole street to clap and applaud as we rode down the street. It was so humbling, to be playing a small part in our community.'
Project coordinator at Swanage School, Andrea Napman, expressed her thanks to Dorset Freemasons not just for the finding but also for their practical help on the ground. Deliveries of food to vulnerable people in Swanage continue regularly with the Dorset Masonic Bikers on the road each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Graham Glazier, Head of Dorset's Freemasons, said: 'We are delighted to support this wonderful initiative; we are actively looking to support project like this across Dorset. Many congratulations to Swanage School for their excellent work.'

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