Centenary celebration for Davyhulme Lodge No. 3715

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Davyhulme Lodge No. 3715 was consecrated on 22 April 1914 and to celebrate its centenary a unique and special meeting was held by dispensation and is now recorded in the annuls of the lodge history – the centenary meeting, one hundred years to the night after its inception coupled with the dedication of a lodge banner to mark the occasion

The centenary meeting was reported as being the ninth centennial meeting within the Province during this masonic season and was held in the Westbourne suite at Urmston masonic Hall.

Worshipful master Tom Sharp requested the lodge secretary, Keith Lewis, to read out the special dispensation before opening the lodge. 

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Keith Kemp entered the lodge and announced that the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Howard Jones was without and demanded admission.

The brethren having risen were extremely pleased to receive Howard and the Provincial team, accompanied by John Hutton (APrGM) Mike Adams (group chairman) grand officers Chris McNab, Anthony Jobs, Brian Hayes, David Durling and Nolan Morrison PDepPrGM East Lancs.

Howard, was introduced to the WM, who offered him the gavel to which he duly accepted and occupied the chair of King Solomon.

In his opening, Howard remarked on Davyhulme lodge’s centennial year liaising with eight other lodge centenaries, a total of nine throughout the Province this masonic year, each of the centenary celebrations of course being as equally important to the Province and the respective lodges and individuals. He went on to say that this particular centenary celebration had its own uniqueness in that there was also to be a joint banner dedication.

Howard explained the importance of banners and gave the brethren a note of realisation of banners in their respective theatres of application not just appertaining to Freemasonry.

A banner dedication team of lodge members were despatched from the lodge to collect the banner and return into the lodge room, amongst those members were the lodge secretary, Keith Lewis, who had been rightfully nominated as the banner bearer. Keith had designed and produced the banner himself and along with the other members of the banner party, proudly displayed his work as they lined up in the east. Howard  dedicated the impressive banner and presented it to the worshipful master and his lodge, where after the banner was put on display in the south east part of the lodge.

Howard then appointed his Provincial team in readiness to open Provincial Grand Lodge, for that purpose, John Hutton was requested to assist as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Mark Matthews occupied the position of Provincial Senior Grand Warden and Joseph Hall as Provincial Junior Grand Warden, with Godfrey Hirst acting as the Provincial Chaplain, Keith Kemp remained as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Gordon Ivett continued as Provincial Grand Pursuivant, Peter Taylor, Provincial Grand Secretary, along with other acting officers David Thomas Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, Peter Brown Provincial Senior Grand Deacon, Gordon Southwick Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, and having already preceded Howard into the lodge by procession were Stuart Kane and Anthony Hill both of whom are Provincial Grand Standard Bearers, Alan Briggs Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, Derek Hughson Provincial Grand Organist, all in their respective positions for the purposes of the centenary ceremony.

Howard then opened Provincial Grand Lodge and called upon the Godfrey Hirst to give an oration to the lodge.

Howard thanked Godfrey, for a very interesting and thought provoking oration and then called the brethren to the attention of Godfrey for a prayer of re-dedication where after Howard closed Provincial grand lodge and handed the gavel back over to the worshipful master.

On completion of the ceremony, and having retrieved the gavel, Tom rose to the thank Howard along with the Provincial team for making the evening such a special occasion for the lodge members. Tom then had much pleasure in handing over a magnificent cheque for £3,715 made out in favour of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, 3715 being the number of the lodge.

Howard thanked the lodge on behalf of all those who we may never know who would eventually benefit through the charity by the very kind generosity of Davyhulme Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies then commandeered the proceedings with excellent precision and the Provincial team exited the lodge in a magnificent colourful procession.

The lodge having closed, the celebrations continued at the festive board which was of course an exceptional event of joviality and concord. Howard in his response, congratulated the lodge and Tom for his starting the second centennial term of the lodge as master.

The unique and memorable occasion concluded leaving the lodge members clearly proud of the Provincial presence in full in its ceremonial form, making a lasting impression on their minds and of course in celebration of their founders 100 years prior.

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