Bronte clock at Haworth repaired with help from Brunswick Chapter

Thursday, 06 March 2014

Bronte church clock ticking again

When members of Brunswick Chapter, No. 408, noticed that the clock on Haworth Church in West Yorkshire had stopped for several weeks, they started making enquiries.

They discovered that the church in the famous village with Brontë connections needed to complete essential repairs and develop health and safety measures for the volunteers who wound the clock.

The Brontës came to Haworth in 1820 when their father, Patrick, became vicar of the church – a position he held for 41 years.

The church, which carried out a £237,500 refurbishment of its south roof in 2012, needed a further £700 to complete the safety measures.

Haworth-based Brunswick Chapter made a successful application to the Grand Superintendent of Yorkshire, West Riding’s Charitable Fund and presented a cheque for £700 to the church.

The Rev Peter Mayo-Smith, priest-in-charge at Haworth Parish Church, said, ‘The funding from the Grand Superintendent of Yorkshire, West Riding has made all the difference and now we can look forward to seeing the historic clock tick on for many years. We must thank Brunswick Chapter for coming to our aid.’

Brunswick First Principal John Barnes added, ‘We were delighted to get a great public service restarted and now people in Haworth will know the time again.’ 

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