Berwick's history revealved by the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Museum

Friday, 14 December 2012

Lodge preserves Berwick history

Previously undiscovered facts about Berwick-upon-Tweed’s history were brought to light when the town’s record office, museum and The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Museum were invited to look at the records of St David’s Lodge, No. 393

On display were record books, letter books and other pieces of literature, dating back to 1829. ‘We were amazed at the lodge’s records, which are a treasure trove of the history of Berwick,’ said local archivist Linda Bankier.

‘St David’s Lodge has been very helpful in giving us details of their members who were also serving soldiers in the regiment when stationed in the town, as well as details of the regiment’s own masonic lodge,’ added Ian Martin, curator of The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Museum.

St David’s Lodge can trace its history back to 1649, and the regimental lodge was founded in 1738. ‘We hope to have further meetings where we will be able to discuss how this wonderful collection can be made available to the people of the town,’ revealed David Dunn, the 184th Master of St David’s.

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