Annual festival of Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges hosted by Charterhouse

Friday, 06 March 2015

Historic Charterhouse hosts festival

The 14th annual festival of the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges was held at London’s Charterhouse, founded in 1371, and hosted by medical and Universities Scheme lodge Æsculapius, No. 2410. 

The coffee reception was held in the Great Hall, which has been the Charterhouse Brothers’ dining room for the past 400 years, and the ecumenical service took place in the chapel (pictured right), conducted by the Preacher of Charterhouse, the Rev Robin Isherwood. Back in the Great Hall, the audience was given an insight into the work of David Battie, one of the experts from the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. The 2015 festival will be held in Chester, hosted by the local university lodge.

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