A year in the life of a Freemason’s partner - Susan Clark

Thursday, 07 November 2013

When Kirk decided to become a mason with Lodge St Helier No. 4449 I was not sure what to expect

Whilst we have many friends who are masons, Freemasonry was not a frequent topic of conversation on social nights out with them. One thing I knew was that Kirk and I have always supported each other and so I was keen to give my full commitment in any way I could on this new journey.

This proved to be by accompanying Kirk to events such ladies's nights. Being a naturally sociable person and used to networking I was not daunted by the prospect of meeting new people. I therefore encouraged Kirk to attend as many events as possible, both in Kirk's lodge and also other lodges.

My first surprise was how easy it was to fit in, how welcoming all of Kirk’s fellow masons were, and how many people I actually knew. I also found that I enjoyed the variety of events and was impressed with the extent of the charitable support. I do believe in life that you get out of it what you put in, and we managed to attend lunches, suppers and many ladies' evenings. I found the talks to be informative, and I also enjoyed the Christmas carol event – a chance for a good singsong with friends old and new!

I was particularly thrilled to find that a group of people I had met at another lodge’s supper evening decided, when it came to our lodge ladies' night, not only to come along but they also asked to sit with Kirk and I – a real compliment in itself – and we had a great evening.

As it happens, my work also takes me across the Channel Islands and London and, with a word or two here and there, I started to pick up the nuances and recognise other masons and their partners. I noticed that I was working for a company based in the former masonic lodge in Guernsey and found that the taxi driver I regularly used was a mason. So I even managed to introduce Kirk to some of his contemporaries. We have enjoyed many a night out in our sister island and, when Kirk became Worshipful Master of his lodge, one of our Guernsey friends came to his installation and our London friends made a special visit and came over for the ladies' night.

For our own ladies' night we dared to do something a bit different and by all accounts it was a great success, as we had lots of positive responses. We tried to ensure it was a fun evening that all ages would enjoy it, and I was so pleased to see everyone’s enjoyment of the excellent magician.

I have found the overall journey to be about supporting your other half, enjoying the experience and making new friends.

So to all other ladies, particularly if your husband or partner is going into the chair of their lodge, I would encourage you to involve yourselves as much as you can by attending a few of the functions and meeting new people and you will be surprised how you grow as a person alongside your masonic man!

Now we are on another route of our journey as Kirk is installed as the Worshipful Master for his Mark lodge.

I am already enthused and excited about the new opportunities this will bring, which new friends I will meet and could we even manage another successful ladies' night? Watch this space! 

Susan Clark

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