Friday, 16 September 2011
As the iconic Jaguar E-Type reaches its 50th birthday, the Masonic Classic Vehicle Club has been staging stunning displays of rare cars at events across the country.

With the Jaguar E-Type, arguably the most iconic motor-car of the 20th century, turning 50, all eyes are on classic cars this year - providing lots of opportunities for the Masonic Classic Vehicle Club to parade some rare gems.

At the 32nd annual Bristol Classic Car Show, Phil English (Eldon Lodge, No. 1755) displayed his stunning red 1965 E-Type Roadster alongside the original Jaguar, a 1932 Austin 7 Swallow Sports, as well as a beautiful Jaguar D-Type in British Racing Green, which had just been completed by Phil Cottrell (Aviation Lodge, No. 7210) of Newbury in Berkshire.

Over in Kent, the Club put on a display of rare cars at the Bromley Pageant of Motoring, the largest one-day open-air
show in Europe. With 45,000 visitors, the pageant is a huge advertisement for Freemasonry.

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