A family affair at Studley Lodge No. 6364

Friday, 02 November 2012

When W Bro Edward Cowen installed his younger son, Paul, into the chair of King Solomon at Studley Lodge No. 6364, on 13th October 2012, Paul became the fourth member of the family to attain this honour.

The Tyler at Studley Lodge did not do a very good job at the Installation meeting as he allowed four 'cowens' to gain admission to the Lodge. The family of 'Cowens' consisted of W Bro Robert Cowen, PPJGW, Master in 1975, his brother Edward Cowen, PPJGW, Master in 1983 and again in 2011, Edward's eldest son, Philip Cowen, Master in 2008 and Paul Cowen who was installed 13th October 2012.

Paul was presented for installation by his brother Philip, installed by his father Edward, addressed by his uncle Robert and finally presented with his Masonic Bible on which he took his obligations by brother Philip.

So there are two sets of brothers, two sons and two nephews all subscribing members of the Lodge and all having being installed as Master.

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