75th anniversary celebrated by Middlesex Home Service Lodge No. 5836

Friday, 22 July 2016

75th anniversary meeting of Middlesex Home Service Lodge No. 5836

The Middlesex Home Service Lodge No. 5836 celebrated its 75th anniversary on the 10th June 2016 at the Twickenham District Masonic Centre at Cole Court.

The meeting was attend by W Bro Brian Fisher, PSGD, AProvGM and his Provincial Team for the Installation of the new Worshipful Master Bro David Glenham.

The lodge was formed in 1941 by members of the Home Guard. The spirit which had prompted them to resist Hitler's aggression inspired them to form a new lodge to be called the Middlesex Home Guard – the word 'Service' being substituted for 'Guard' (with it's military connotations) at the suggestion of Grand Lodge.

The lodge also served as a masonic 'home' for a number of American servicemen, based in Middlesex during the war years.

The lodge badge has been composed as being representative of the districts with which the Founders are connected, embracing the Swords of Middlesex, the Swan of Twickenham, the Lion of Heston and Isleworth, and the Oak Tree of Southall.

The meeting was very well attended and the lodge provided a meal based around ingredients that would have been available when it was consecrated. At the end of the evening the lodge and its guests were entertained by singer Ms Nicky Blake who gave some excellent renditions of music of the era.

The lodge is already looking forward to celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2041.

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