70 years as a Freemason: the story of Norman Scott

Monday, 22 April 2013

Norman was born in Heaton, Newcastle 6th March 1920, the son of a butcher, an only child and Lewis. At the age of 15 having passed the necessary entrance examination, Norman left school to start a 3 year engineering apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force at RAF Holton in Buckinghamshire. As a qualified aircraft fitter he was based at Catterick when the Second World War started. He was by this time 19.

Norman met Elsie a WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) whilst at Catterick, they were married on 3rd June, 1941 they have been happily married for 72 years.

When Germany invaded Norway, Norman was one of a group from fighter command posted to the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious operating off the Norwegian coast. Soon, it was back to Catterick and further postings to operational fighter and bomber squadrons. In 1941 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. It was during this posting that Norman discussed with his father, a member of the Dene Lodge No. 4635 in Newcastle, his desire to become a Freemason. On 10th February, 1943, Norman was initiated into Dene Lodge at the age of 22 years. Fortunately, the posting with 417 Squadron lasted long enough for Norman to be passed and raised. However, masonry then had to take a back seat as Norman moved on with more operational postings, at home and abroad, including time in the Far East. Norman retired from the RAF as a Warrant Officer in 1969 after a varied career spanning some 34 years and numerous conflicts.

On his retirement from active service Norman resumed his masonic activities, joining Ceres Lodge No. 2879 in Swaffham. After some 7 years in Norfolk, they moved to Gilberdyke to be nearer to Elsie's family who lived in the Hull area. Norman made contact with the Provincial Office about Lodges in the area and as a result he joined St Cuthbert's Lodge No. 630 in Howden and subsequently the Beacon Chapter at Pocklington.

Having retired at the age of 65 years, Norman and Elsie made one further move in 1991 to their present home in Hull where he joined the Lodge of St Michael. Since joining St Michael's Bro Norman has excelled: at 93 years old he is well liked and highly regarded by his fellow brethren, he is an outstanding ritualist who sets high standards for others to follow.

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