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Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team give demonstration of rituals

Thursday, 06 March 2014

Native Americans give masonic display

Hundreds of masons gathered at Wisbech St Mary, Cambridgeshire, to watch a colourful demonstration of masonic rituals by a group of Native Americans. The Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team was on a UK tour, and its visit to the village leisure centre at Fenland attracted 300 fellow masons from around the eastern counties.

Event organiser Brian January was fascinated by the display of how Native American tribes use masonic symbols and rituals: ‘They dressed in traditional costume and demonstrated some of their ceremonies. It was like a play, and was quite different from what we do. No one had ever seen anything like it in England. It was just out of this world.’

Letters to the editor - No. 26 Summer 2014

Indian degrees


In an item on the Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team you quoted a comment, ‘No one has ever seen anything like it in England.’ 

I can advise you that one such display was received with enthusiastic acclamation in my own lodge, and I understand the team have demonstrated their unique ritual to lodges throughout the country. 

Norman Speed, Lodge of Equity and Appleton, No. 1384, Widnes, West Lancashire