New masonic exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw

Friday, 19 September 2014

A rare and telling exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw retraces Freemasonry's fascinating history

The exhibition has been constructed as an initiation rite and leads the viewer through the path taken by new recruits. From being a candidate to a full-fledged member, each room marks a rise in the ranks: the Room of the Lost Steps where new adepts search for how to enter the Lodge, the Chamber of Contemplation and temple where they are taken through four classical elements, the three Lodges where meetings are held, and finally two Pro publico bono rooms exemplifying the humanitarian work of the members. The journey around the exhibition is terminated in the Mourning Lodge where a funeral is held.

Some 500 objects are exposed at the National Museum. They range from objects used during ceremonies such as aprons, sashes, and jewels, to books, rare documents, scrapbooks and physical artefacts of historical importance to the fraternity. A multimedia presentation illuminates the rites and symbols of Freemasonry.

The Masoneria Pro publico bono (Freemasonry Pro publico bono) exhibition opens at the National Museum in Warsaw on the 11th of September, 2014, and will be open till January 11th, 2015.  

A series of talks, tours, workshops is to be held in parallel to the exhibition.

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