Grand Charity's £20,000 grant for Queensland floods

Sunday, 01 May 2011

Queensland has been severely affected by flooding with an estimated 200,000 people suffering as a direct result of the floods

Hundreds of homes and businesses have been evacuated and the State Treasurer has said that the cost of rebuilding is estimated at billions of dollars.

In response to this disaster, Grahame Elliott, President of the Grand Charity, approved an emergency grant of £20,000 to the flood appeal organised by the United Grand Lodge of Queensland.

Adrian Burton, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Queensland, launched a flood appeal, the proceeds of which will go towards assistance for its members and all Queenslanders. The appeal was launched with a combined contribution of A$250,000 from the Board of General Purposes and the Board of Benevolence.

The Board of Benevolence attended to the needs of the members in immediate distress and during the coming months the funds received would be administered and distributed by Queensland Freemasons within the affected communities in consultation with lodges, civil leaders and regional councils. To organise efforts, a Co-ordination Group was formed.

Donations should be sent to: Board of Benevolence, 60 Wakefield Street, Sandgate, QLD 4017, Australia. Direct credit to account: ‘Disaster Relief Fund’ BSB: 064124 Account: 10360544. Cheques should be drawn in favour of the Board of Benevolence.

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