A Middlesex first for a new Master Mason in Brazil

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Ivan Martelosso, a new Master Mason and member of Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge No. 1310 in Middlesex, is from Brazil. To be precise, he is from the town of Maringa in the Brazilian Province of Paraná

It just so happened that Ivan was due to be visiting his Brazilian family, with his wife and children, when the prospect of visiting a lodge in Maringa was proposed to him.

This was orchestrated by Middlesex Freemason Nigel Codron, who knew that the new Grand Lodge of Paraná in Brazil was to be formally recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. This particular news was advised in the Paper of Business for the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge (QC) held in December 2018 and was duly approved by those present.

So, with a letter of good standing from his lodge and his Grand Lodge Certificate from UGLE, Ivan was invited to attend the 9th July Lodge, No 66 in the newly recognised Masonic Province of Paraná. The lodge is named after the popular constitutional revolution that took place in Brazil on the 9th July 1932.

There can be no doubt that Ivan never stopped for breath as the actual meeting he attended was on the 14th December, two days after QC. Strictly speaking it might be correct to surmising that Ivan was the first English Constitution Member to visit; certainly the first Middlesex Mason.

Ivan describes his visit glowingly and he was made to feel especially welcome. The lodge works Scottish Rite, so some of the Masonic symbolism would have been new and different to him. However, although it was the lodge’s regular meeting, the highlight was the reading of the letter from UGLE recognising the Grand Lodge of Paraná.

It didn’t stop there, of course, and the presence of an English Freemason would have been very well received. Unlike the English Constitution, this particular lodge meets on a Friday about 35 to 40 times a year.

There are 42 members of whom about 25 attended on this occasion and the membership is generally made up of professionals; architects, engineers and the medical profession.

Ivan, anxious to present a gift to the Master of the lodge, took off his Middlesex tie, which was duly presented to the approbation of all present. It being so close to Christmas, the lodge held its Christmas party a few days later in the heat of a Summer’s day and over 180 people attended, including family members and Ivan’s wife and children together with guests of the lodge members.

This was a special moment for Ivan and the links that now may be forged between the respective lodges is proof of the universality of Freemasonry and the sharing of brotherly love.

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