Retaining your members at this difficult time

Monday, 07 December 2020

Nick Wilson, a Freemason from the Province of Cumberland & Westmorland in RCG 1, is a member of the Pathway Working Party

During the pandemic we have all missed meeting with our friends and the Brethren of our Lodges. To prevent members losing interest and either failing to attend, or even resigning, it is important that all Lodges consider how to maintain that interest in Freemasonry which drew them to our Fraternity in the first place.

Even when the restrictions are eased some of our members might continue to be worried about attending – particularly if they have concerns about their own, or their family’s health. Therefore, it is vital that the officers of the Lodge consider what actions can be taken to avoid these members becoming disenfranchised.

But what about those potential candidates who expressed an interest in, or even applied to become a member prior to lockdown? We need to consider these individuals as well.

There is plenty of information in the Members’ Pathway that can help with retention and retrieval during ‘normal’ times which can be found here, but what extra can we do now and during the forthcoming festive period?

Many Lodges have already given this a lot of thought and have been holding regular Zoom meetings in order to keep in touch, some have held regular quizzes as well, but what else could we do and what would Santa like to see on his Wish List? Here are a few suggestions…

  • Drinks and Carols on Zoom
  • Mulled wine and mince pies meet up
  • Christmas quizzes
  • Morning coffee and mince pies for the widows of previous members
  • A Christmas message from the Worshipful Master
  • New Year drinks with future members

If your Lodge has used any activities to keep in touch with its members that you would like to share with others, please provide details to your Provincial Membership Officer and they will ensure it is passed on to others.

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