Masonic Mentoring in South East Asia

Monday, 12 October 2009
The District of the Eastern Archipelago has hosted two Mentoring workshops, complemented by a seminar on the First Degree, in 2009. The first Mentoring workshop was conducted in Singapore, and since then the District has held a second workshop in Penang, and in December will be holding a third Mentoring workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

Mentoring method is explained through the Mentoring workshops, while the Degree seminar explores which Craft topics would benefit from clarrification. The seminars refine the topics covered by the District’s Masonic Mentoring scheme. The afternoon First Degree seminar was well received and the District intends to follow this with seminars on the Second and Third Degrees in the future.

W Bro Ronald Ng, the District Grand Mentor designate, kindly supplied a copy of the report on the Eastern Archipelago Mentoring workshops, including the programme, as well as a report on the Eastern Archipelago’s First Degree seminar, with detailed content to members of the Mentoring Scheme.

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