Almoners enjoy a warm welcome at Teignbridge Masonic Widows Association lunchtime lecture

Monday, 16 April 2018

The Teignbridge Masonic Widows Association in Devonshire had a slight difference to their monthly meeting when they were joined by Almoners of all the lodges in the area

They had sent out an invite to join them for lunch in appreciation of the support given by all the members of the lodges where their husbands had been members.

On this occasion, 31 members were joined by 12 lodge Almoners who were treated to a talk on the life and times of Joyce Grenfell by the chairman of the Torbay Civic Society, Ian Hannaford. He told the story of how Joyce was a niece of Lady Astor, who was the first female Member of Parliament and represented Plymouth in the early 20th century which meant Joyce was a frequent visitor to the Devonshire region.

The total membership of the Teignbridge Masonic Widows Association is 43; they meet monthly and four times a year treat themselves to a lunch similar to the one they treated the Almoners to.

Their hard-working committee consists of Chairwoman Marion Johnson, Vice Chairwoman Val Wright, Secretary Mary Purchase, Treasurer Pat Wolfenden and Mentor Ann Briddock.

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