Girls’ school honours former pupil

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A former pupil of the Royal Masonic School for Girls (RMSG), Dorothy Mortimer Watson, died on active service in World War I on 13 March 1917 while serving with the Territorial Force Nursing Service (TFNS) in Malta

On the centenary of her death the school celebrated her life with a memorial service and a plaque. Honoured guests included Colonel Sue Bush from the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) – the service that TFNS later became – and former pupil Anne Grimwood, a retired QARANC officer,
who left the school 60 years after Dorothy.

Other guests included Library and Museum of Freemasonry Director Diane Clements, Archivist Susan Snell and Assistant Archivist Louise Pichel.

Pupils had researched and produced creative work on the topic, which formed the central part of a school assembly tied in with International Women’s Day.

Dorothy had been admitted to the school following the death of her father, Christopher Holmes Watson (Lodge of Perseverance, No. 213, Norwich), in 1894.

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