Arts Council England grant for Library and Museum medal collection

Thursday, 06 June 2013

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A grant from Arts Council England has enabled the Library and Museum to catalogue its medal collection and uncover details of the tension between Britain and Germany before WWI

The Library and Museum has received a grant from Arts Council England to catalogue its collection of nearly two thousand art medals. These have been produced since the 1700s to commemorate individual Freemasons and masonic events. Although there are several notable English examples, such as the Freemasons’ Hall medal of the 1770s, there are also many examples from across Europe.

One is a medal that commemorates the visit of the Pro Grand Master, Lord Ampthill, to Germany in May 1913 at the invitation of the three Prussian Grand Lodges. It was significant that both Ampthill’s father and grandfather had been ambassadors to Berlin and the visit took place after some years of increasing political tension between Britain and Germany.

The visit was reported in the Grand Lodge meeting in June 1913 and recommended that ‘the exchange of ideas between the Craft in this country and the Craft in Germany is maintained and extended’. However, this was not to be, as just over a year later the two countries were at war.

One of the best-documented art medals is that which celebrates the centenary of Minden Lodge, No. 63, in 1848. Its striking design incorporates names including those of the Master (Frederick Oliver, a bandmaster) and Wardens (Clarke and Robertson) at the time of the centenary.

This was a military lodge established in the 20th Regiment of Foot and took its name from the vital role it played at the Battle of Minden in 1759.

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