A tribute to Hugh Stubbs

It is with great sadness that the Masonic Samaritan Fund (MSF) reports the passing of Hugh Stubbs. Following a short illness, he passed away on 31 January 2014. Hugh was first appointed to the Board of the MSF in September 1996. For five years, he was Chairman of the Grants Committee and spent three years on the Board of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. Hugh then returned to the MSF in 2007, where he served for six years as President of the Board of Trustees until his retirement in April 2013. 

During his fourteen years with the Fund, Hugh dedicated his time, energy and experience on behalf of those in need. He was instrumental in many of the changes that have seen the Fund continue to develop to meet the evolving needs of its beneficiaries. The MSF Counselling Careline is the most recent initiative introduced under his enthusiastic leadership. Hugh will be sadly missed by all those who had the privilege to know and work with him.

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Friday, 14 December 2012 00:00

Festival finale for the MSF in Warwickshire

The UK’s party mood, evident throughout the summer of 2012, continued as the Province of Warwickshire celebrated the finale of their Festival on behalf of the MSF.

Provincial Grand Master David Macey handed over a cheque for £3,159,870 and thanked the members and their families for their generous support. Hugh Stubbs, President of the MSF, encouraged those present to use their new-found awareness to identify others in need of health and care support.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012 01:00


The Cornwall Provincial crest includes 15 bezants (gold coins), a fitting emblem in Olympic year as the Province embarks on its final 12 months of fundraising on behalf of the Masonic Samaritan Fund 2013 Festival. On a gloriously sunny day, Provincial Grand Master Peter George hosted the Fund’s Annual Meeting in Falmouth. In addition to welcoming members who had travelled from all parts of the Province, Peter thanked staff, Trustees and members of the Fund who had made even longer journeys. He was particularly pleased to welcome the ladies present, who hopefully left the meeting better informed about the work of the Fund. The Olympic theme was evident as Tony Evans, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, implored all present to ‘Go for Gold’ in one final fundraising effort on behalf of the Festival appeal.

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District Grand Masters, District Grand Superintendents, and other District Grand Officers, gathered for the Third Conference of the Central Masonic Charities and District Grand Lodges at Freemasons' Hall on Tuesday 24 April.  Due to the increasing popularity of this annual event, the setting has now moved to Lodge Room No.1 to accomodate over fifty representatives from the Districts as well as representatives from each of the four central masonic charities.

Hugh Stubbs, President, Masonic Samaritan Fund, welcomed all members on behalf of the four Central Masonic Charities, and gave an introduction before members broke for the first of the group discussions.

Walter H Scott, District Grand Master, Jamaica & the Cayman Islands, spoke on the relationship between his District and the Central Masonic Charities, which led into the second group discussion.

Following lunch, James Bartlett provided an update on the Mentoring Scheme and, in particular, the Ambassadors for Freemasonry Scheme, and a presentation was given by Nick Cripps on the selection of Personal Mentors.

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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 16:25

District Grand Masters discuss 'Freemasonry Cares'

District Grand Masters and their accompanying officers, who were in London for the Grand Investiture in April, met the four central masonic charities.
     The event provided an introduction to ‘Freemasonry Cares’, the charities’ joint communications initiative, in a move that signalled an important step towards the charities and districts working more closely together.
     Approximately 30 District Grand Masters and accompanying officers attended the event despite the clouds of volcanic ash disrupting air travel that week. Also in attendance were the charities’ four presidents and chief executives.
     ‘Freemasonry Cares’ raises awareness of the help available to Freemasons and their dependants. Hugh Stubbs, President of the Masonic Samaritan Fund, gave an introduction which paved the way for breakaway groups to discuss how the initiative, currently being rolled out in provinces across England and Wales, could be adapted to meet the needs of individual District Grand Lodges.
     It was agreed that a repeat of the day’s event, or similar meetings, would be welcomed in the future to ensure better communication between the districts and charities. The next meeting is planned for 26 April 2011, when the charities hope that more districts will be represented. 
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The first national conference for Mentoring Coordinators was hosted by Grand Lodge at Freemasons’ Hall on Great Queen Street on Tuesday, 24th February. Almost every Province was represented, as was the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, with a turnout of nearly 80 delegates for the busy day. By the conclusion of the conference there was popular demand for the event to be repeated early in 2010.

Proceedings were opened with an address from the M W Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton, who spoke about the role of mentoring in both nurturing and tutoring Masons. The opening address was followed by presentations from Toby Jones, who iintroduced of the 3R Library to delegates, and then an interactive session from Nick Cripps on mentoring skills and techniques, during which small groups of delegates considered aspects of effective mentoring. A working lunch, led in to the afternoon plenary session on “the way forward”, considering questions such as the role of Provincial Mentors, central support, indicators of success, the introduction of the Holy Royal Arch and other topics, all under the watchful eye of the Grand Secretary, Nigel Brown.  The day concluded with a thoughtful presentation from Hugh Stubbs on the national Masonic charities, their activities and introduction of this important part of Masonry to mentees. After the close, delegates described the conference as a great success: new relationships had been made with fellow Mentoring Coordinators and interesting ideas shared.
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