RMBI care home James Terry Court in Croydon is currently being rebuilt on site with Phase 1, the East Wing, now complete.

Home Manager Diane Collins received the keys along with resident William Gibbs who is a retired chartered surveyor and staff member Eileen Whiteman who has worked at the Home for 22 years.

The new East Wing facilities will provide up to 47 bed-sitting rooms with large communal areas. It will include full ensuite wet rooms and ceiling hoists in large spacious bedrooms which exceed the Government minimum requirements.

Phase 2 of the build will involve the rebuild of the West Wing. It will provide a further 28 bedrooms and will also include remodeling and refurbishing of the Home's main building to provide assisted living flats, where people can live independently with the full knowledge that care is available nearby.

The Home will provide residential, nursing and dementia care and will boast new dining facilities, health & beauty room and reception. The work has been phased, so that the current 39 residents face minimum disruption during the building works.

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The Gold Standard Framework supports and works in tandem with RMBI’s ethos on end-of-life care.

James Terry Court in Croydon has recently received a national award recognising their Gold Standard end-of-life care. The Gold Standard Framework (GSF) helps care homes to better care for those residents who are approaching the end of their lives in the way that they receive the care they want, where they want it, protecting them from inappropriate hospital admissions and helping them to live well and die well in the place of their choice.

The Framework supports and works in tandem with RMBI’s ethos on end-of-life care. The RMBI ensures wherever possible those using its services are involved in planning for their end-of-life care. This includes ensuring people are able to have those relatives and friends who are important to them with them at the end of their life, and that they have a dignified death because staff are respectful of their need for privacy, dignity and comfort. Each person’s Care Plan records their wishes with regards to how their body and possessions are handled after their death, and staff respect their values and beliefs.

Diane Collins, manager of James Terry Court, said: ‘Staff at the Home now feel better equipped to deal with the challenging task of looking after residents in the later stages of their life. The GSF provides a useful structure for identifying, and then planning and assessing the care that the individual receives.’

Greater family satisfaction

Care homes that have received the GSF Quality Hallmark Award have demonstrated a halving of hospital deaths and crisis admissions, leading to greater satisfaction for families, residents and staff , and significant cost savings for the NHS.

To qualify for accreditation, staff at James Terry Court undertook the full GSF Care Home Training programme, usually conducted over a nine to twelve month period. This training was then embedded into the home for a further six months and followed by a rigorous accreditation process.

The accreditation is endorsed by all major care homes’ organisations and supported by Age UK. It is also now endorsed by the Skills Academy for Social Care.

All RMBI care homes will be going through the GSF accreditation process to achieve this national award to ensure they continue and build on the high-quality care provided.


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