RMBI care homes excell in 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thursday, 06 June 2013

Exploring care home quality

RMBI care homes exceed the national standard in high-quality care and satisfaction of residents.

The RMBI has published the results of its 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey, which polls residents of RMBI’s seventeen care homes in England and Wales as well as their next of kin.

Carried out in October by Ipsos MORI for RMBI, top-line results show that ninety-seven per cent of residents are satisfied or very satisfied with the care they receive and ninety-three per cent of relatives would recommend the home.

In July 2012, a White Paper from the Department of Health highlighted the need for a system to ensure that people are provided with clear information about care services and that their views are heard. In response, several care home providers, the National Care Forum and Ipsos MORI have launched Your Care Rating, the first independent national survey of care home residents.

In addition, the care sector’s regulating body in England, the Care Quality Commission, has supported a survey of care home residents, resulting in the recent launch of interactive care home profiles on the NHS Choices website.

Anticipating this development, the RMBI has been conducting its own annual satisfaction surveys for the last six years. Its latest surveys were also designed to provide comparable data with Your Care Rating for ease of reference with the initiative. RMBI satisfaction surveys form a key part of its commitment to ensuring the charity’s care homes are delivering a quality of service that meets the needs and expectations of those they care for.

Topics covered in RMBI’s 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey include living at the home, staff, activities, help and support, and communication and complaints. Encouragingly, ninety-eight per cent of residents agreed or agreed strongly with the statements that: their home is clean and tidy as well as safe and secure, that they have enough of their own things around them, and that their privacy is respected. Moreover, ninety-eight per cent of residents agreed that the care home staff treated them with kindness, dignity and respect.

RMBI and Ipsos MORI are grateful to all residents and relatives who took part.

For more information on the results of the 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey, visit www.rmbi.org.uk

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